The retail sales industry is an area, in our experience, where simple product exchanges or refunds can very quickly lead to unnecessary complaints from customers.

People working on a shop floor need slightly different skills than the contact centre workers.  The ethos is the same but the face to face contact provides us with a slightly different dynamic.

We have found that many retail chains have completely overlooked the complaint handling skills needed when designing induction training.  This is especially the case with part time, holiday and temporary staff.

Retail companies are very good at product training, presentation and the legal aspects of the Consumer Goods Acts but do not provide the very basic skills of how to interact with customers, especially without the protection of the shop counter!

We can provide a range of complaint training workshops ranging from two hour ‘buzz sessions’ through to full day complaint handling training courses.

All of our solutions are tailored to the individual needs and culture of your business.

A member of our complaint handling training team can visit you at your workplace and discuss your requirements.  We can advise you how to improve the contact delivery and gauge the potential savings for you.

Our approach to all levels of complaint handling and how we feel world class organisations should approach the subject is demonstrated in the book ‘SCREAMER ON LINE TWO’.

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‘Screamer On Line Two' was written by Complaint Training.Com Ltd Managing Director, Phil Hart, in response to our training.  People found that a desktop guide was very useful to refer to as a reminder of the training received.

It serves very well in representing, in a simple format, our approach to the whole subject of complaint handling as is designed to appeal to all levels of staff from customer facing through to business owners.

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